Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fashion Breaks my Style

To all readers and friends sorry for always keeping you waiting i was just a bit busy this past weeks so only my facebook,twitter and lookbook was always on the go.

and there you go this is  my pretty friend Lace marquez  co-blogger owner of Fashion Break  she is the one who introduce me to the blogging world! :) this collaborations takes 2weeks i think, before it was shoot, a girl like her... she's so busy (LOL) so lace don't forget me when your "Sikat" already ha? hahaha

The first thing to look at are.... The shoes :)) pink and blue 

What she's wearing: Blazer by. olive ling, earrings from forever21, top by. kimi, skirt from NXY, wedges from NXY.

Isn't she lovely? the smile and looks, head turner :))

The socks?!!!! neon pink eveyone who see this makes you say na na na  :)

What exciting about what i'm wearing is the short was handmade, and i'm planning to do this as a business well maybe someday i'm still working out about the details and i'm also trying to do this with some of my top's, trying to customize them, you'll see them in my future post :)

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          so til my next post again readers see yah around :)


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Apple Flavored Lipgloss sounds really tasty

Its been decades and centuries since the last time i posted, i've been very busy BUSY DOING NOTHING LoL just kidding its just making schedules has been so hard.

A 20 year old lady Joanna Marie Yap. Fashion Enthusiast,Photographer and owner of 
 Apple Flavored Lipgloss   and last but not the least a good friend of mine  we decided to have a collaboration since we do have the same interest in taking photographs and maybe this was just our way of spending our time wisely instead of doing nothing. 

                                        Her earrings reminds me of someone, 
                                                  someone who can sing and dance? mother of all little monster
                                                  guess who?  its Lady Gaga :)) agree with me guys?


i decided to wear something comfortable because it's too hot  and i'm sweating like hell and believe me it's my first time to wear something like this i'm not used to show arms and shoulder to anybody :)))

                                          maybe i'll wear something like this more often what do you think? :)

does the scarf in my pocket made my look more badboyish? well i hope so haha

What Im wearing: Tanktop (tokidoki)  Pants (oxygen) Shades (i2i) Accessories(pop culture) Rucksack (mastermind) Boots(Timberland)
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up next collaboration with lace marquez of fashion break better watch out for that guys :)


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ramp for a cause

     This photo was taken 9months ago, photoshoot for our ramp this was my first time to join an activity like this in school at first i hesitate to join i was afraid to what people will say, i was so shy to show what really a Rafael Reyes can do.

After a long time of thinking i decided to join this ramp because this was not just about me its about the children in the orphanage, they are the beneficiary of this event. Its for fun and more fulfilling when you bring smile in the face of innocent children.  :)

What i' wearing: Varsity Jacket (people are people) Pants (Human) Shoes(ZooYork)
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Monday, April 23, 2012


The month is about to end but the heat is just getting higher and higher. A month when everybody is waiting for  to show their hot body in the beach its summer time,but wait its not all about just the beach and sexy body. Its also about

 the day that every seniors are waiting for, the day when big smiles are put on every single face, the day when false hopes are build (LOL) you know what i mean. :)

           The time when Graduation pictures are taken. And the day when Graduation comes
                   i salute you and CONGRATULATIONS all the graduates of batch 2012!

  What i'm wearing: Coat (Zara) Shirt (Vurve) Pants (Levis) Boots (Timberland)
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